Review: Book, Line and Sinker by Jenn McKinlay

Book, Line and Sinker by Jenn McKinlay (Library Lover’s Mystery, #3)

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While my review of this book was 3.5, I rated the rest of books 1-7 at least 4 stars.  I have not read #8 as of today’s post, but I am very much looking forward to it.
My review – 3.5/5 Stars (originally posted on GoodReads) 

While I enjoyed this book, I did have trouble with a couple of the “action” scenes which didn’t allow me to suspend my disbelief far enough to truly get into it as much as I would have liked.

While being as vague as I can to not give too much away, I also didn’t really enjoy the way Lindsey handled things at the end with a character that was brought back into her life, especially given everything that happened in this book with said character.

I did appreciate the continuation of and wrap up in this book of a crime alluded to in the prior books. It was nice to get closure on that. 🙂

In general, I enjoyed the mystery in this book and how it unraveled and came together. I also did get a kick out of the character that got killed off, too, even if I didn’t “like” her. Sort of in the same way I like “the lemon” – whom I hope never loses her sourness. The library just wouldn’t be the same.

Book description from GoodReads:

Lindsey is enjoying her second year in Briar Creek as the library director, meeting with the crafternoon club, and happily dating tour boat captain Mike Sullivan. But when a salvage company arrives in town to dig up treasure buried on Pirate Island over three hundred years ago, the locals are torn between protecting the island and welcoming the publicity.

In spite of the squabbling, Charlie Peyton, Lindsey’s downstairs neighbor, takes a job with the salvage company. But when Trudi Hargrave, the local tourism director who hired the company, is found murdered at the excavation site, Charlie becomes the chief suspect. To help him, Lindsey must do some digging of her own before the real killer buries the truth for good…

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