Cheryl’s Cozy Crossword #1

Cheryl’s Cozy Crossword #1

I plan to post a crossword at least once a month.  To be sure you get future puzzles, please scroll to the bottom and subscribe to my blog.  I would *love* feedback.  Can’t view the puzzle/answers?  Do the clues need to be phrased differently?

The puzzle is interactive.  The box with the green lines on the top right will give you options to choose from and the keyboard icon on the bottom left will let you use an online keyboard to click your answers.

Alternatively, I have also provided images of the puzzle and answers which can be downloaded and printed.  See below the RED text.

Note: If you’re an author and I made a typo/error about info about your books, let me know.  I will correct it.  Plus, I will be sure to include a NEW clue from one of your books/series in the next puzzle I create! 🙂

(Clicking on the puzzle and answers should enlarge them)

Crossword puzzle #1

To see the answers, click the Show More button.

Solution to Crossword No. 1

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